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Corporate level service for your SME. Four packages to suit your needs, flat fee structure and no nasty suprises.

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Step 1 – Package

Choose a package that is closest to what you think best suites your business. We can also flex packages to create a custom range of services.

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Step 2 – Online Software

Bring your current online software across, get transitioned over from your current software or we can set you up with a choice of Xero, Saasu or Quickbooks Online.

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Step 3 – Streamline

Set you up to leverage online tools and identify opportunities to enhance the seamless experience for your business.

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Managed by Accountants

 CubedBiz is managed and run by accountants whom have extensive experience in delivering insights into SME’s. By having professionals like CubedBiz manage your bookkeeping there is a lot to gain. Apart from freeing up your time there are advantages in knowing your business in a more intimate way. Analysis can be carried out to identify the different dynamics faced by your business such as seasonality in particular products or services. Vertical and horizontal trends analysis can reveal what the optimum mix of categories within sales, customers and stock on hand. Financial Ratio’s are really an acid test to see at a high level where your business sits in light of a few key factors. There are a few different ways to tackle these ratios, but in short a view of green, amber and red can very quickly allow you to know where a little more TLC is needed.

 Confidence in your numbers is a real asset to any given business and CubedBiz is certainly a key partner in achieving this. We can work with your tax accountant in creating consistent and effortless compliance reporting to government bodies. Interestingly many tax agents are quite receptive to our approach on working with them on looking after your books. Our approach is to come to an understanding on what has currently transpired between your tax agent and how they envisage it tracking along with CubedBiz managing the bookkeeping with respect to best practices.