Bookkeeping Service @ CubedBiz… We Understand!

We understand that running your business and meeting customers is your pride and joy. Our bookkeeping service looks after all the tasks that take you away from your core business activities. On offer is a professional end to end bookkeeping service that will give you expansive insights into your business. The potential is always there, one only needs to know what to look for and in this instance we are providing you with all the metrics to create an efficient and lean business geared towards your next opportunity.

Proactive Bookkeeping

Serving with professionalism and actively looking for ways to do things better. Leveraging off cutting edge cloud computing we can now automate the entering of payable invoices. It now can be directly entered into your online bookkeeping software via a simple scan and send. We here at CubedBiz view this to be a great advantage for both the bookkeeper and the business. Advantages for the business is a reduction in bookkeeping costs whilst allowing bookkeepers to engage in more value adding activities.

BAS Agent Services

Avoid the dreaded hunt for documents at the end of the quarter. BAS, GST, Payroll Taxand PAYG services are all provided via the ATO portal. Creating efficiencies in the bookkeep8ng process by reducing lead times in passing and approving documentation.

The WOW factor

The customer is our primary focus and we are continuously striving to exceed expectations. We have set ourselves a target to create products providing a great value proposition for our current and prospective clientelle. CubedBiz have competitve prices and go above and beyond for our valued customers.


Boutique Bookkeeping Firm

CubedBiz is a boutique bookkeeping firm that prides itself on client satisfaction. Our bookkeepers streamline processes and get the job done in a quick and efficient manner. There is a great sense of quiet confidence amongst our clients with the knowledge that their books are in good hands. As we all appreciate, a lack of order amongst the financials can very quickly turn into a daunting and at times frightening exercise.


Bookkeeper in the Cloud

Cloud based bookkeeping resources now offer a hassle free approach to your financials. A small monthly fee allows access to your numbers almost anytime, anywhere across a range of different devices and platforms. This allows scope for a reduction in bookkeeper fees and also timely access to live information. It certainly is exciting for bookkeepers of any order when their work becomes more meaningful and important being pivotal in creating opportunities for the client. SME’s already are referred to as ‘Gazelles’ due to their flexible and agile nature. Being able to re-shuffle structure and accommodate for any new opportunities that develop. This capacity to morph really quickly needs a timely reflection on your current state so that decisions on the fly can be confidently made


Exceptional Customer Service

CubedBiz pride itself on our QUALITY performance and VALUE for our Clients..